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Partisan Documents

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Enas Chronos Palis (One year of struggle). November 1948–October 1949.

Gia Na Thriamvefsei I Zoi (So that life may triumph). 1949 (Reprinted 1996, Athens: Rizospastis.) 

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Mahitria (Woman Fighter). 18 April 1949; 20 May 1949; 15 March 1949; 5 April 1949; 22 August 1948; 10 September 1948; 25 October 1948; 16 November 1948; 3 December 1948; March 1947.

Other partisan women's publications:

Agonistria (Female Fighter) 12/2/1949, 18/4/1949, 9/9/1949, 28/10/1949

Thiella  (Tempest) based in Thessaly, 31/8/1944

I Foni tis Ipeirou (The Voice of Ipirus) June 1944

Floga (The Flame) 23/9/1944

Nea Genia (New Generation, based in Retina) 1944,



Acropolis  12/7/, 20/7, 18/9, 9-11/8 1949, 23/7/1949, 9/8/1949, 7/8/1949, 10/8/1949, 11/8/1949, 20/7/1949, 12/7/1949, 18/9/1949

Alithia 7/12/1947, 10/1/1948

Anexartisia 1/8/1949, 29/11/1949

Apogevmatini 28/9/77, 10/11/76, 2/9/1990

Asirmatos 17/1/1949

Avgi 22/9/76, 23/9/76, 22/1/76, 3/8/77

Dodecanisa Nea 31/10/1949

Ebros 5/1/1949, 19/1/1949, 23/1/1949, 5/1/1949,

Eleftheria  1/1/1949

Eleftherotipia 22/9/1976, 21/9/76, 22/1/1986, 19/2/1986, 9/2/1986, 8/2/1986, 6/2/1986, 30/1/86, 26/1/86, 25/1/1986, 26/1/1986, 20/4/1986, 29/3/1986, 19/2/1978, 27/12/1978, 29/12/1978, 3/1/1979

Ellinikos Voras (Salonica) 2/8/1949

Epochi 28/10/1990

Estia 12/4/1949, 22/1/1949

Ethnikos Kirix 1/1/1949, 22/7/1949, 23/7/1949, 16/7/1993

Ethnos 23/11/1984, 3/1/1949

Gnomi 22/6/1984

Guardian  20/6/1998

Kairoi 3/9/1949, 24/7/1949

Kathimerini 5/3/1949, 21/9/1948, 6/1/1948

Kyriakatiki Eleftherotipia 31/7/1977

Machi 27/3/1949

Megali Ellas 4/1/1949

Pantheon 26/6/1984, 7/7/1981

Pontiki 16/9/1999

Prosfigikos Kosmos 23/1/1949

Psarras 28/1/1949

Rizospastis 6/8/1977, 1/8/1977, 23/1/1977, 22/9/1976, 9/7/1996, 13/10/1996, 8/12/1996, 29/12/1996, 12/1/1997

Tachydromos 7/7/83

Thesssalia  29/7/1949, 31/7/1949, 29/7/1949

Ta Nea  22/6/1996, 19/3/1996, 30/9/1976, 12/9/1976, 19/6/1998, 3/6/1998, 28/7/1990,  4/11/1949, 22/8/1949, 9/6/1949, 14/7/1949, 21/3/1949, 21/1/1949, 24/1/1949, 17/1/1949, 3/1/1949, 14/4/1949, 4/1/1949

To Stemma (The Crown)

To Vima 22/4/1998, 3/12/1976, 4/7/1997, 2/4/1977, 31/7/1977, 21/9/1976, 23/9/1976, 20/1/1949, 10/3/1949, 5/6/1949, 31/5/1949, 8/6/1949, 5/4/1949, 23/7/1949, 5/1/1949

Vradini 16/1/1948, 11/8/1949


Journals and Periodicals

Agonas tis Ginekas (The Struggle of Women), 1923–96

Akritas (Borderguards) (5 August 1948)

Anoichto Parathiro (Open window) (1979, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1986)

Anti (29 October 1999)

Aftonomi Kinisi Ginekon (Autonomous Women's Movement) (1985)

Deltio (Bulletin) (1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983) 

Ellinis (Greek Woman)

Efimeris ton Kyrion (The Ladies' Newspaper) (1887–1917)

Hellenia (1949) no. 4, February

Hellenis (1920–)

Katina (1987, 1988)

Kinisi gia tin Apeleftherosi ton Gynaikon (Movement for the Liberation of Women) (1977)


Neolaia (Metaxas Youth Journal) (1937–1939)

Poli ton Ginekon (City of Women) (1982, 1983, 1984, 1985)

Psithiros (Whisper) 1985

SEGES (Co-ordinated Committee of Female Organisational Representatives for Family and Conscription Law) (1977)

Sfigga (Sphinx)

Skoupa (Broom) (1979-81)

Syghroni Gynaika  (Contemporary Woman) (1981, 1980, 1982, 1979, 1978)

To milo kai to Fidi (The Apple and the Serpent), (1983,1984)



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Archeio tis Palias Voulis (Old Parliament House Archives), Athens

British Library, London

Geniki Grammateia Isotitas (General Secretariat for Equality), Athens

Gennadios Library, Athens

Ethniki Bibliothiki (National Library), Athens

Ethniko Simvoulio (National Council), Athens

Elliniko Logotechniko kai Istoriko Archeio (ELIA) (Greek Literary and Historical Archive), Athens

Enosi Ginekon Elladas (EGE) (Union of Greek Women), Athens

Etaireia Ellinon Logotechnon (Hellenic Literary Association), Athens

Kinisi Dimokratikon Ginekon (KDG) (Democratic Women's Movement), Athens

Kommounistiko Komma Ellados (Greek Communist Party), Athens

Likeio ton Ellinidon (Women's Lyceum), Athens

Omospondia Ginekon Elladas (OGE) (Federation of Greek Women), Athens

PEAEA/ Panellinia Enosis Agoniston Ethnikis Adistasis (Panhellenic Union of the Fighters of the Greek Resistance), Athens

Spiti ton Ginekon (House of Women), Athens

Sindesmos gia ta Dikaiomata tis Ginekas (League for the Rights of Women), Athens