From Luciano Cheles, The Studiolo of Urbino, app. A, 93–95. (Translations only)

North Wall

Illustrious men at north wall of Urbino studiolo.
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To chapter 6, paragraph 39
Plato [Platoni Atheniensi]
"To Plato of Athens, most famous high priest of human and divine philosophy, Federico dedicated this out of reverence."
Aristotle [Aristoteli Stagiritae]
"To Aristotle of Stagira, for the philosophy handed down in the proper and exact manner, Federico placed this out of gratitude."
Ptolemy [Claudio Ptolomeo Alexandrino]
"To Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria, for his precise measurement of the stars, and because he imposed lines on the [E]arth, for his observations and everlasting toil Federico gave this."
Boethius [L Boetio]
"To Boethius, on account of whose treatises the Latins do not feel the lack of the productions of Varro's leisure, Prince Federico of Urbino placed this."
Gregory the Great [Gregorio]
"To Gregory, taken up to Heaven, for his holy habits and the well-known elegance of his works, mindful Christian gratitude placed this."
St. Jerome [Hieronymo]
"To Jerome, because he expressed the precepts of the Christian faith with learning and elegance, Federico placed this for the sake of eternity."
St. Ambrose [Ambrosio]
"To Ambrose, for spurning the emblems of consular office, for adopting the name of Christianity, and adorning it with the beauty of Latin speech, Federico placed this."
St. Augustine [Augustino]
"To Augustine, for his sublime doctrine and for his distinguished search for celestial words/virtues, his well-educated descendants caused this to be put up."

East Wall

Illustrious men at east wall of Urbino studiolo.
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Cicero [Marco Tullio Ciceroni]
"To Marcus Tullius Cicero, proclaimed Father of his Country, for the variety of his learned activities and his command of eloquence, Duke Federico dedicated this out of (Cicero's) persuasiveness."
Seneca [Annaeo Sanecae Cordubensi]
"To Annaeus Seneca of Cordoba, by whose precepts the spirit is freed from worries and calm cultivated, Federico erected this."
Homer [Homero Smirnaeo]
"To Homer of Smyrna, whose poetry, on account of the divine variety of its teachings, has been admired by every age, and equaled by no one afterwards, gratitude placed this."
Virgil [Puplio Vergilio Maroni Mantuano]
"To Publius Virgio Maro of Mantua, for making famous the origins of the Romans in heroic verses, and for the divinity of his poetry of Empire, Federico dedicated this to his sublime madness."
Moses the Jew [Moysae Judaeo]
"To Moses the Jew, for saving the people and providing them with divine laws, Christian posterity placed this."
Solomon [Solomoni]
"To Solomon, a divine man, because of his great name for wisdom Federico placed this."
St. Thomas Aquinas [Thomae Aquinati]
"To Thomas Aquinas, whose divinity was adorned with philosophical and theological treatises, (Federico) dedicated this for his outstanding virtue."
Duns Scotus [Scoto]
"To Duns Scotus, most shrewd doctor, for his sublime thoughts and most diligent investigations of heavenly words/virtues, Federico set this up."

South Wall

Illustrious men at south wall of Urbino studiolo.
To chapter 2, paragraph 8
To chapter 6, paragraph 39
Euclid [Euclidi Megarensi]
"To Euclid of Megara, because he grasped the spaces of the [E]arth by means of lines and the compass, Federico gave this for a most precise invention."
Vittorino da Feltre [Victorino Feltrensi]
"To Vittorino of Feltre, very holy teacher, for communicating culture by his writings and example, Federico placed this."
Solon [Soloni]
"To Solon, because he handed down the laws of the Athenians, most holy source of the Tables of the Romans, Federico placed this out of enthusiasm for educating his citizens well."
Bartolus of Sassoferato [Bartholo Sentinati]
"To Bartolus of Sassoferrato, very acute and just interpreter of the laws, Federico placed this in accordance with his merit and justice."
Pope Pius II [Pio II Pontifici]
"To Pope Pius II, because he increased his realms by war and adorned it with the marks of eloquence, Federico set this up to his magnanimity and unceasing labours."
Bessarion [Bessarioni]
"To Bessarion, the peace-maker of the Graeco-Latin Conference, and wisest and best of friends, for his outstanding authority and excellence of teaching, Federico placed this."
Albertus Magnus [Alberto Magno]
"To Albertus Magnus, because he investigated the natural phenomena in emulation of Aristotle, in immense volumes, as a most holy concern for posterity Federico set this up for one who deserved it well."
Pope Sixtus IV [Xysto IIII Pontifici Maximo]
"To Pope Sixtus IV, because of his knowledge of philosophy and theology when he became Pope, (Federico) dedicated this to his undying kindness."

West Wall

Illustrious men at west wall of Urbino studiolo.
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To chapter 6, paragraph 39
Hippocrates [Hippocratis Coo]
"To Hippocrates of Cos, because he gave health to mankind and set it out in his aphorisms, the health of a fortunate posterity dedicates this."
Pietro d'Abano [Petro Apono]
"To Pietro of Abano, the most fair-minded judge of physicians, on account of his distinguished study of the more recondite disciplines, Federico caused this to be erected."
Dante Alighieri [Danti Antignio]
"To Dante Alighieri, who deserves well on account of the verses he produced and the poetry he wrote for the people, with diverse learning, this was set up."
Petrarch [Petrarchae]
"To Petrarch, who deserved well for his very keen intellect and the most delightful candor of his learned activities, the merry playfulness of posterity placed this."