Miss Yourlovin

GIs, Gender, and Domesticity during World War II

Ann Elizabeth Pfau


"Orphan Ann" broadcast, 14 August 1944.


Ann: Hello you fighting orphans of the Pacific. How's tricks? This is after her weekend Annie back on the air strictly under union hours. Reception O.K.? Why, it better be because this is all request night, and I've got a pretty nice program for my favorite little family—the wandering boneheads of the Pacific islands. The first request is made by none other than the boss and guess what. He wants Bonnie Baker in "My Resistance is Low." My, what taste you have sir, she said. (music)

Ann: And now that [?]. The second request is sent in by a roaming bonehead of an orphan, request number twenty-nine. He wants Tony Martin, of all people, to help him forget the mosquitoes and dirty rifles. Well, you know obliging Annie. Tony Martin and "Now It Can Be Told." (music)

Ann: This is Monday, washday for some, rifle cleaning for some, and for the others, just another day to play. Let's all get together and forget those washday blues. Here's Kay Kayser, Sully Mason, and all the playmates. So come join the parade you boneheads. (music, "Oh Playmate")

Ann: Well, well, here's a telegram signed just MSS, and he wants the song also from your favorite sweetheart of melody RL. Hmm well, Miss Bonnie Baker with the usual in the background and the song "Sh! Baby's Asleep." Quiet now my boys. (music)

Ann: I see Betty's getting impatient with her request for the evening. Oh come on, don't hold back Betty, what is it you want to hear? Don't be bashful.

Betty: Can you oblige with "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"? Bea Wain doing the vocal, of course.

Ann: Well. No sooner said than done. (music)

Ann: Gus manages to squeeze in his request [?] to show off the other side of his character, by requesting languid Eddie Howard singing "Now I Lay Me Down To Dream." (music)

According to union hours, we are through today. We close up another chapter of sweet propaganda in the form of music for you, for my dear little orphans wandering in the Pacific. There are plenty of non-union hours coming around the corner, so be seeing you tomorrow, but in the meanwhile always remember to be good and so— (music, "G'bye Now" by Horace Heidt)