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Chapter 3

Hugh Wilson's memorandum on postwar planning and world order, January 1940.

Text of Welles's speech at the new Norwegian legation, Washington, July 22, 1941.

A note from FDR to Welles at the Atlantic Conference.

FDR's hand-written changes to a draft of the Atlantic Charter.

Chapter 4

Welles speech at the Tomb of Woodrow Wilson, Armistice Day, 1941.

Declaration by the United Nations.

Membership roster for the postwar planning committees. NARA.

Organizational chart for the postwar planning committees. NARA.

The duties of the postwar planning subcommittees. NARA.

"Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of Regional Organization" State Department Planning Document, June 3, 1943.

Chapter 5

Welles letter of March 27, 1942 to Admiral William Leahy on the possibility of grooming Edouard Herriot as the new leader of a French exile movement.

Memorandum of Welles's conversation with the Vichy French Ambassador, Gaston Henry-Haye, April 16, 1942.

Welles dispatched this cover letter to FDR, along with the attached memorandum of conversation with Alexis Leger, warning of de Gaulle's aims. August 13, 1942.

Memorandum of conversation between Roosevelt, Welles, and envoys representing the Free French, November 20, 1942.

Planning considerations for the ultimate dispostion of postwar France, December 17, 1942.

Record of conversation between Welles and Free French envoy Adrien Tixier, January 11, 1943.

Record of conversation between Welles and Free French envoy Adrien Tixier concerning de Gaulles recent meeting with Roosevelt at Casablanca and de Gaulle's ongoing conflict with General Giraud.

Postwar Planning and aims for Postwar France, February 25, 1943.

Record of conversation between Welles and Adrien Tixier, March 23, 1943.

FDR hand-written alterations to a draft statement on France.

Welles to Roosevelt, August 30, 1942, on the possibility of initiating a "Free Austria" movement.

Adolf Berle to Welles, October 17, 1942, on Hapsburgs.

Adolf Berle to Welles, November 13, 1942, on Otto Hapsburg.

Adolf Berle to Welles, February 22, 1943, on Otto Hapsburg.

Count Carlo Sforza to Welles, June 19, 1941.

Welles's message to Ray Atherton about starting an Italian exile movement 9-10-41.

Welles letter to FDR regarding Count Carlo Sfroza and the possible establishment of a "Free Italy" movement, February 24, 1942.

Count Carlo Sforza to Welles, November 21, 1942.

The agenda for a postwar planning meeting on Japan and China, March 10, 1943.

Chapter 6

Sumner Welles's North Carolina speech, May 31, 1942, excerpt from address commencement of North Carolina College of Negroes.

Welles's memo to Roosevelt recommending "a broad policy of liberation" in the colonial world, April 13, 1942.

Welles's memo to Roosevelt suggesting that the United Nations join together "in a war for liberation, namely, a war to end imperialism." April 17, 1942.

Postwar planning agenda for meetings on India, April 1, 1943.

Excerpts from postwar planning discussions of French Indochina.

Minutes of postwar planning meeting on the Middle East, August 29, 1942.

Excerpts from postwar planning discussions on Palestine, August 29, 1942.

Postwar planning proposals for the Palestine mandate, September 4, 1942.

Mid-East regionalism: planning document for Middle East regionalism.

Postwar planning minutes on Palestine, September 5, 1942.

Official statements on postwar Palestine, May 26, 1943.

Postwar planning memo on the prospects for African regionalism, September 25, 1942.

Summaries: postwar planning summaries on aims for the near east, March 20, 1943.

Chapter 7

Welles's copy of a letter to Roosevelt, January 18, 1933, on non-recognition.

Soviet Ambassador Constantine Oumansky to Roosevelt.

Lord Halifax's views on the fate of the Baltic States, with FDR note

Welles voices his concerns about the fate of the Baltic states in a letter to Adolf Berle, April 4, 1942.

Postwar planning document regarding Baltic states, February 4, 1943.

Excerpts from planning discussion on the postwar aims of the Soviet Union. NARA.

Planning chart on USSR communist party structure.

"Boundary problems of the east European region," February 5, 1943.

Excerpts from a postwar planning document on Eastern Europe.

Excerpts from postwar planning conclusions on Eastern Europe, July, 1943.

Chapter 8

Sumner Welles's resignation letter to Roosevelt, August 16, 1943.

Welles to Cordell Hull, September 21, 1943.

FDR to Welles, October 15, 1943.

FDR's diatribe about Drew Pearson.

FDR to Welles on Four Freedoms, October 15, 1943.

Winston Churchill letter to Welles's widow, September 26, 1961.

JFK telegram to Welles's widow, September 25, 1961.


Sumner Welles, Postwar Planning, and the Quest for a New World Order, 1937-1943