Property, Family, and Identity in Colonial South Africa

An Exploration of Frontiers, 1725–c. 1830

Laura J. Mitchell


Fig. 7.6. Continuity of Land Tenure in Lubbe Family Loan Farms

For more on the long-term stability of land claims, see chapter 3.

Source: CA: Receiver of Land Revenue series and L. Guelke RLR data

Fig. 3.6. Cedarberg Loan Farm Tenure Patterns

Continuity of Tenure in Lubbe Family Loan Farms
Farm name Claimant Dates of tenure Sources
Dassen Klip Paul Keyser (& Aletta Lubbe) –1756 CA: MOOC 9/9.5
Groote Valleij Barend Lubbe 1736–1785 CA: RLR 38:178
CA: MOOC 10/15.6
  Johannes Hendrik Lubbe 1785– CA: MOOC 10/15.6
Modder Rivier Hendrik Lubbe 1748–1758 CA: RLR 12.42
  Johannes Paulus Mouton (& Martha Lubbe) 1765–1792 CA: RLR 18:282
CA: MOOC8/17.2a
Wedouw Barend Lubbe 1749–1785 CA: RLR 12:82
  Frans Lubbe 1786–1791 CA: RLR 35.45
Onrust Barend Lubbe 1750–1785 CA: RLR 12:143
  Frans Lubbe 1786–1791 CA: RLR 35:44.4
Brakkefontein Barend Lubbe 1752–1762 CA: RLR 13:58
  Barend Frederik Lubbe 1758–1791 CA: RLR 15:62
  Paul Willem Lubbe –1810 CA: MOOC 8/58.36a
Modder Valleij Andries Lubbe 1757–1786 CA: RLR 15:5
CA: MOOC 8/45.123
Wagenbooms Rivier Jacoba Elisabeth Lubba 1762–1779 CA: RLR 17:23
Berg Valleij Maria Jacoba Lubbe as Widow of Abraham Mouton 1766–1777 CA: RLR 19:149
  Josias Englebrecht & Maria Jacoba Lubbe 1777–1791 CA: RLR 25:24
CA: MOOC 8/12.41b
Bloemfontein Jan Hendrik Lubbe 1770–1773 CA: RLR 21:83
  Barend  Lubbe d'oud 1776–1785 CA: RLR 24:190
  Frans Lubbe 1787–1791 CA: RLR 36:116.1
CA: MOOC 10/15.6
Brandewijns Rivier Hendrik Lubbe 1777–1778 CA: RLR 25:102
Hendrik van der Wat's Gat Johannes Liebenberg 1779– CA: RLR 26:140
Zanddrift Frans Lubbe 1780–1793 CA: RLR 27:130
Bosch Kloof Johannes Lubbe Barendsz 1781– CA: RLR 28:28
Duijkerfontein Hendrik Lubbe d'jonge 1788– CA: RLR 36:12
Marcus Kraal Paul Willem Lubbe –1810 CA: MOOC 8/58.36a