Property, Family, and Identity in Colonial South Africa

An Exploration of Frontiers, 1725–c. 1830

Laura J. Mitchell


Fig. 5.8. Declining Marriage to Immigrants in Three Generations of Van der Merwes

Hendrik van der Merwe Willemsz's second and third marriages happened late in his life, extending the closing dates for marriage in his generation by more than thirty years, and extending the latest dates for birth and marriage among his children and grandchildren up to forty years. I excluded those dates from this table, since those marriage and birth events represent a small proportion of their generation and serve to conflate the chronologies of the c and d generations.

dV&P; H&L, Hoge

Declining Marriage to Immigrants in Three Generations of van der Merwes
  gen b gen c gen d
no. of children 13 118 385
birth date range 1670–1698 1697–1727 1717–1762
no. of marriages 17 73 303
marriage date range 1684–1717 1717–1770 1741–1782
no. of immigrant spouses 12 6 22
as percentage of total spouses 70.59% 8.22% 7.26%