Appendices: Archival Documents


The documents below are, in each case, edited transcriptions of the originals. Spelling, punctuation, and word usage have not been modernized. Pagination has not been maintained, and footnotes from the originals have been placed at the end of paragraphs to which they referred.
  1. Record of work carried out by the Artillery Branch of the Headquarter Staff, South African War

  2. Practice Camps, 1912, and the Lessons to be Learnt from Them

  3. Lessons to be Learnt from the 1913 Practice Camps

  4. GHQ Notes on Artillery in the Present War

  5. Memorandum on the Possibility of Undertaking Offensive Operations

  6. 1st Army Methods for the Attack, 13 April 1915

  7. "Object and Conditions of Combined Offensive Action," June 1915

  8. CDS 50, Tactical Notes, July 1915

  9. CDS 93, Report on Experimental Firing with 18-pr. Shrapnel and H.E. at Calais, November 1915

  10. Minutes of MGsRA Conference, 24 December 1915

  11. SS98/4, Artillery Notes Number 4, Artillery in Offensive Operations, April 1916

  12. SS109, Training of Divisions for Offensive Action, May 1916

  13. Notes on Artillery, June 1916 (Compiled by the General Staff.)

  14. Report on Visit to III Corps, c. June 1916

  15. Artillery Notes Number 5, Wire Cutting, June 1916

  16. Letters from Major General Birch, June-July 1916

  17. Birch's report on the Somme Bombardment, 9 July 1916

  18. Artillery Lessons Drawn From The Battle Of The Somme, c. December 1916

  19. SS139/4, Artillery in Offensive Operations, March 1917

  20. SS157, Report on the Overseas Artillery School, Salisbury Plain, May 1917

  21. Internal GHQ memo on limited attacks, 26 June 1917

  22. Attack Barrages As Modified By The Enemy's Latest Tactics, 25 August 1917

  23. General Principles on which the Artillery Plan will be drawn, August-September 1917

  24. SS592, Catechism for Heavy and Siege Artillery Subalterns, October 1917

  25. Artillery Instructions for the battle of Cambrai, October-November 1917

  26. Lessons from the 1917 Battle Fighting of the Fifth Army from an Artillery Point of View, December 1917

  27. Remarks on "Notes on the work of a Counter Battery Office," c. late 1917 (XV Corps)

  28. Principles to Govern Artillery Defensive Arrangements on the Third Army Front During Winter 1917-1918, 18 December 1917

  29. Fifth Army winter artillery guidelines, 1917-18, 27 December 1917

  30. Birch's Report on Artillery in Defense, 10 February 1918

  31. SS139/3, Artillery Notes Number 3, "Counter-Battery Work," February 1918

  32. SS139/7, Artillery Notes Number 7, "Artillery in Defensive Operations," February 1918

  33. Extract from the report on the Organization etc. of the IX Corps Artillery during the Operations from 10th to 21st April, 1918; May 1918

  34. Fourth Army Artillery in the Battle of Amiens, 26 August 1918

  35. Fourth Army Artillery in the Attack on the Hindenburg Line, c. October 1918

  36. "The Development of Mobile Artillery, 1914-1918," 1919

  37. Anon., "Artillery and the General Staff," 1919

  38. "Artillery Development in the Great War," October 1920

  39. C. N. F. Broad, "Artillery Intelligence and Counter Battery Work," 1922

  40. "The Coming of the Creeping Barrage," 1931

  41. Memo from MGRA at GHQ for Haig's conference with Army Commanders, 9 June 1918

  42. Draft memo from MGRA, GHQ to GS, GHQ, 23 August 1916


    "The Infantry cannot do with a gun less": The Place of the Artillery
    in the British Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918