The 18-pounder was a very modern field gun in 1914, having only been adopted in 1909. The British had not produced enough to equip the Territorial Force with 18-pounders, having to rely on the outdated 15-pounders which did not have full pneumatic recoil.


  1. Gun tube
  2. Recoil guides
  3. Cradle
  4. Recoil spring case
  5. Upper carriage
  6. Trail
  7. Brake arms
  8. Traversing lever
  9. Spade
  10. Trail eye
  11. Elevating screw
  12. Rocking bar sight
  13. Clinometer
  14. Dial sight
  15. Firing lever
  16. Guard (prevents crewmember from catching arm)
  17. Horn connecting gun and buffer
  18. Gun shield

Source: H. A. Bethell, Modern Artillery in the Field