Steven J. Zaloga: Soviet Tank Operations in the Spanish Civil War. The best study to date of Soviet tanks and tank crews in Spain, cited frequently in this book.

Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies. The Centre is part of the European Institute based at the London School of Economics. Its principal aim is to promote the research and teaching of contemporary Spanish history, economy, sociology and culture.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, First Person Columns. The author's own torturous trajectory through graduate school, described in installments.

The Center for the Study of Russia and the Soviet Union facilitates research trips to archives in the Russian Federation. Their services are enthusiastically recommended.

The Cold War International History Project was established in 1991 at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. The project supports the release of historical materials on the Cold War from all key governments involved in the conflict and publishes on-line working papers on developments in the post-Soviet archives.

The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace possesses the largest documentary repository in the U.S. on Russian and Soviet history. Holdings include files on the Spanish Civil War and the archives of Burnett Bolloten, whose works chronicled Soviet involvement in Spain.

International Institute for Social History has published several useful working papers on archival conditions in Russia. These may be downloaded at the Institute's website. The same site publishes the English language version of the ArcheoBiblioBase, discussed below.

The ArcheoBiblioBase, the most comprehensive survey of Russian archives available, produced by the International Institute for Social History.

International Research Exchange (IREX) funds research projects in the former Soviet Union and publishes papers of interest to scholars of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics.

Yale Materials on Soviet Tank Performance in the Spanish Civil War. Yale University Archives have acquired documents from the Russian State Military Archive (RGVA) on the Soviet Union?s military participation in the Spanish Civil War.

Archivo Histórico Nacional de España, Madrid. One of two key archival centers for researching the Spanish Civil War. The papers of Marcelino Pascua, sited extensively in this book, are deposited here.

The civil war section of the Archivo Histórico Nacional de España, in Salamanca.

Biblioteca Nacional de España. The most important repository of Spanish language materials in the world, with excellent working conditions and a subsidized restaurant in the basement. And a bar.


Stalin and the Spanish Civil War