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In my education and in my work as a beginning historian, I have been most fortunate in the people I have met. The following book, which developed from a dissertation defended in 1997, would not exist were it not for the support of these people, and I am grateful to all of them.

Thanks, first, to my advisor, David Ringrose. It was an honor to be his student. Thanks also, to John and Laura Galbraith, to UCSD's History Department, and to the Program for Cultural Cooperation between U.S. Universities and the Spanish Ministry of Culture for their generous support of my research, to the Oceanids at UCSD for awarding me the Frieda Daum Urey Fellowship, which gave me precious time to write, and to all of the participants in the Southwest Spanish History Consortium, for their advice and their encouragement.

Thanks are also due the people of Teruel, particularly to Don Antonio and Don Cristobal, for permitting me access to the Cathedral and Diocesan archives, and to Don Samuel and Don Pedro for their patience with me while I was there; to the Instituto de Estudios Turolenses, and to the able staff of the provincial archive in Teruel; to the town notary in Calamocha, and to all in her office, especially Manuela; and to Emiliano Benedicto, librarian in Calamocha. I am also indebted to to Baguena's mayor and her office, and to Don Mariano, Baguena's parish priest; to all in the provincial archive in Saragossa, for whose help I am grateful; to the Archivo del Reino de Valencia, which allowed an investigator from far away access to all of its materials; and to all at the Archivo Historico Nacional, the center of historical research within Spain, for their graciousness to me while I was there.

In addition, I owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Darnton, to the other participants in the Gutenberg-e Program, to the American Historical Association, and to Columbia University Press and EPIC, with whom I have worked for the last year during the creation of this e-book.

And thanks, finally, to my colleagues here at Sonoma State University, and to my family.

Mary Halavais, 2002


Photograph - detail of the Torre del Salvador, Teruel, © 1994, Miguel
Angel La Torre. Used with the permission of the photographer.


Like Wheat to the Miller: Community, Convivencia, and the
Construction of Morisco Identity in Sixteenth-Century Aragon