"Make It Yourself"

by Sarah A. Gordon

Home Sewing, Gender, and Culture, 1890–1930

Interview with Patricia Gordon

Patricia Gordon: And they had, in the high school home ec department, they had sewing classes for women. And women could, they could come in at any level, if, you know, they… and use the sewing machines and so forth. And my mother went, I don’t remember how many nights a week she worked, but...

Sarah Gordon: So your mom taught there.

Patricia Gordon: She taught sewing there, in that instance, yeah. And it was a good thing for her too because she got to know quite a lot of… These women were, were not the same ones she played bridge with, you know. But they were, she enjoyed it.

Sarah Gordon: They were probably less well off.

Patricia Gordon: Yeah.

Sarah Gordon: They came to do this to learn the skills they needed.

Patricia Gordon: They needed to make some clothes, maybe. It’s what she was doing at home.