The most recent date of access for all of the following is 19 July 2005.

Archives and Libraries

Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique, Maputo, Mozambique

Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa

Direcção Nacional de Terras, Maputo, Mozambique

Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa


Historical maps of Africa, Perry-Casteñeda Library, University of Texas

Mozambique maps, Perry-Casteñeda Library, University of Texas



Commonwealth Secretariat, Mozambique country profile

Michel Cahen, Phillipe Waniez, and Violette Brustlein, "Pour un atlas social et culturel du Mozambique" Lusotopie (2002)

"Mozambique," CIA World Factbook

Mozambique information

Stanford University, Africa South of the Sahara Internet Resources, Mozambique page
Collection of online resources related to Mozambique.

University of Pennsylvania African Studies Center, Mozambique page
Collection of online resources related to Mozambique.


Cruzeiro do Sul, Instituto de Investigação para o Desenvolvimento
Includes full-text articles on development issues and antipoverty research.

United Nations System in Mozambique
Includes full-text documents on economy, health, education, and women


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), "Mozambique Subsistence Agriculture Faces Long-Term Decline from HIV/AIDS Epidemic" (2004)

Food security in Mozambique, Michigan State University and Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER)
Includes documents on agriculture and food security.

Joshua Kurlantzick, "Mozambique: Africa's Rising Star," New York Times (29 May 2005)

International Monetary Fund, Republic of Mozambique and the IMF
Includes full-text reports.

Magude cattle project, Associação Moçambicana para o Desenvolvimento da Mulher Rural (AMRU)

Mozambique, World Bank Group

Southern African Development Community, "Mozambique," Trade, Industry, and Investment Review, 9th ed. (2005)

Raymond Whitaker, "Mozambique Proves Aid Works," New Zealand Herald (9 July 2005)

World Bank, Capacity Building in Africa (2005)
Country case studies, including that for Mozambique.


Jacob Crawfurd, Mozambique timeline

David Forrest, teacher's guide to Mozambique
Prepared for a world-studies class, James Logan High School, Union City, Calif.

Nicolas Monnier, "Stratégie missionnaire et tactiques d'appropriation indigènes: La Mission Romande au Mozambique, 1888-1896," Le Fait Missionnaire (December 1995)

Human Rights

"Mozambique," Human Rights Watch World Report (1999)


"Languages of Mozambique," Ethnologue (Summer Institute of Linguistics)

Languages of Mozambique, The Rosetta Project

"Tsonga: A language of South Africa," Ethnologue (Summer Institute of Linguistics)

Tsonga-language overview, The Rosetta Project


A Miner's Tale
Film about a Mozambican migrant worker in South Africa.

Southern African Migration Project, SAMP Resources: Gender and Migration

News (Mozambique)
Top news stories on Mozambique.

Agência de Informação de Moçambique (AIM)
Mozambique national news agency.

Fim de Semana
Independent Mozambican weekly.

Independent Mozambican news sources
MediaFax, a newsletter; Savana, a weekly.

Mozambique News
World News affiliate.

Mozambique News Agency
English-language edition of AIM Reports.

Mozambique Television
Includes searchable archive of local and national news stories


Frelimo Party

The Mozambican Peace Process in Perspective, ed. Jeremy Armon, Dylan Hendrikson, and Alex Vines, Accord series, no. 3 (1998)
Scholarly articles and primary texts related to the Mozambican peace process (1984-92).

Mozambique activities, Carter Center
Includes links to Mozambique election reports.

Mozambique government

Mozambique Political Process Bulletin


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), "Rural Women, Population, and Development in Lusophone African Countries: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Literature in Portuguese Language, 1991-1996"
Report prepared by the UN Population Information Network (POPIN) in collaboration with the FAO. Includes section on Mozambique.

Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), "Mozambique: Women Still Struggle for Land Rights despite New Law"

John Sender, Carlos Oya, and Christopher Cramer, "Women Working for Wages: Putting Flesh on the Bones of a Rural Labour Market Survey in Mozambique"


The World through My Eyes: Photographs by Young Mozambicans

Lusophone (Portuguese-Speaking) Africa

Annual academic journal focused on political analysis of Portuguese-speaking countries. Full-text articles available online.

Notícias Lusofonas
News from Portuguese-speaking countries.


Africa Action (Africana)
Bibliographic database for Africana.

British Broadcasting Service, The Story of Africa
Multimedia Web site narrating African history from earliest times to the present.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., Wonders of the African World, Public Broadcasting System
Multimedia Web site accompanying a six-part television series, 1999.

Stanford University, Africa South of the Sahara
Collection of online resources related to sub-Saharan Africa.

University of Pennsylvania, Africa Studies Center, Africa Web Links: An Annotated Resource List

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent
Collection of digital resources on Africa

African Women

Africa Action, "Africa: Women in Post-War Reconstruction," conference report (1999) (Women)
Bibliographic database on African women. news, Gender and Women
News stories on African women., Women
News stories on African women.

Internet resources on women and gender in Africa, Michigan State University, Women and International Development Program

Stanford University, Africa South of the Sahara, "African Women on the Internet"

United Nations Development Fund for Women
Includes reports on gender equality, women and war, HIV/AIDS, and fighting poverty in Africa.


Binding Memories: Women as Makers and Tellers of History in Magude, Mozambique