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Abbreviations & Note on the Text



AB   Archives de la Bastille (Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal)
AESC   Annales: Économies, sociétés, civilizations
AHR   American Historical Review
AHSS   Annales: Histoire et sciences sociales
AN   Archives Nationales
AN (MC)   Archives Nationales (Minutier Central)
ARM   Académie Royale de Musique
ARS   Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal
BAF   Beaumarchais archives familiales
BCF   Bibliothèque de la Comédie Française
BHVP   Bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris
BN   Bibliothèque nationale de France
BN-MSS   Département des manuscrits
BN-FF   Fonds français
BN-NAF   Nouvelles acquisitions françaises
DCS   Donald C. Spinelli transcription or reproduction
DHS   Dix-huitième siècle
ECS   Eighteenth-Century Studies
FHS   French Historical Studies
JMH   Journal of Modern History
PUF   Presses universitaires de France
RHMC   Révue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine
SAD   Société des Auteurs Dramatiques
SACD   Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques


Note on the Text

Unless otherwise indicated, all translations from the French are my own. When I have considered the original French significant, I have included short passages in the notes or entire documents in the appendix. Quotations in French in the body chapters retain original spelling; spelling of documents reproduced in the appendix have been modernized. Because of the importance of distinguishing performances of plays from editions, I have throughout the text referred to titles of performed plays (or performed versions of plays that were also printed) in quotation marks and to titles of printed editions in italics.


A Field of Honor: Writers, Court Culture and Public Theater
in French Literary Life from Racine to the Revolution